Sihanoukville - a Small Province In The South of Cambodia

Sihanoukville which has the capital having tropical islands and beaches on a peninsula is a small province in the south of Cambodia. It was established in the year 1964. Known as Kampong Saom or Kampong Som also, it is the sole deep water wharf of this country.
Although this province has been grown little by little to become a spot for tourism and the casino in Naga Island is enormously invested by Malaysia, the number of visitors is not very high. This land is famous for many heaven-on-earth islands and sandy beaches.

It was named Sihanoukville in order to respect the king fighting against the enemy to protect the country. It is 232 kilometers far from the capital city of Cambodia in the southwestwards. To approach the province, people can go on Freeway 4. The coastal province has many gorgeous beaches such as Deum Chrey, Sokha, Ohchheuteal and Pram Pi Chan with white sandbank. They are famous for the white sandbank, pure water and warm tranquil space, which is suitable for holidays of the whole families. This area can be considered as a heaven on earth due to the fact that tourists can come and experience the sea with pure cool water every time.
Sihanoukville with the fishing village
Besides the standing “international off-shore financial core”, it has several business chances such as tourism industry linking with the target of the government to turn this province to the main attraction and trading activities. Domestic investors and foreigners are stimulated to join the juncture-venture foundation.
Created by fairly recent concreted massive buildings and broad large streets, the well-known coastal resort displaces the remarkable architecture style of the colonial time in the past. The city is large with the expansion of the urban regions; thus, it is suggested to explore the city by hiring motorcycle. The most outstanding destinations are strategic locations and beautiful beaches.
 You are recommended to go up the hill toward Wat Leu to have the overlook of the town. Besides, it is a good idea to drop in on the new pagoda in Wat Krom where the Khmer Rouge damaged the old pagoda. It also has a shelter named as Yeah Mao which means the cost protector. There are some beautiful spots close to the city, for example gorgeous Kbal Chhay cascade and Ream National Park. They are all charming places that are worth visiting. 


Refering for 3 days free & easy in Sihanoukville

Beautiful Sihanoukville beaches which are ideal places for sunbathing, free diving, scuba diving and swimming are listed as the most untouched ones in Southeast Asia. These beaches are striking tropical tourist attractions. You have a chance to stay at the international first-class resort named Sokha Beach Resort Cambodia.

The first day: from Phnom Penh to Sihanouville.

Enjoy your vacation with sea-foodsYou will be taken to Sihanouville. From Phnom Penh, it takes three or three and a half hours to drive there on a good 226-kilometer-long way. When you reach there, you come to the hotel and do the check-in procedure. Our service does not consist of the meal at noon and in the evening. You will join a lot of hotel activities and swimming in the turquoise water. You are going to stay the night at Sokha Beach Resort.

The second day: exploring Sihanouville (with breakfast).

In the morning, you are served a meal at this resort. Then you are free to enjoy and experience this spot. Our service does not consist of the meal at noon and in the evening. At night, you will rest at the resort.

The last day: from Sihanouville to Phnom Penh (with breakfast).

At the resort, you will relish the breakfast and after that return to the capital city of Cambodia.
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