Kratie - The Sweet Town On The River

Among the provinces in the east of Cambodia, Kratie does not have an enormous number of residents. They earn the livings on Mekong river bank. On the farther side of the bank, there is a secluded area with thick jungle and nearly no one there. It has the same name with its provincial capital which is situated in the same location. They form the province together.
Irawaddy precious freshwater dolphins which inhabit in the river encompassing Kratie appeal a lot of visitors. There are countless circling water and lush islands which catch the eye of travelers in this river. Gorgeous tranquil Kratie owns large islands and sand banks. It is different from other provinces in Cambodia, its roads and architecture style resembles that of French in the warfare time.
Irrawaddy - the rare and worthy animals of Mekong, you can meet in Kratie.
Irrawaddy - the rare and worthy animals of Mekong, you can meet in Kratie.
Around the town there are stunning Khmer and French style houses, which makes it become a enjoyable land. Besides, there is crowded market where you have a chance to relish tasty food like boiled fresh corn cake and see the skinned frog in the net’s holes. You can also experience the ordinary life of Cambodian people. This kind of dolphins lives in the northern Kratie in Mekong River. You should not miss the opportunity to watch them because there are just 120 individuals alive.
Kratie is an ideal spot for visitors to stay 1 or 2 nights who join the excursion in the northeast and the east or a tour in the town alongside Mekong river. There are a lot of junk food stalls on the river avenue where visitors can enjoy and stroll in late afternoon and night. Also, alongside the Mekong river, there are some large concreted decks. It is a good idea to walk and admire the sun going down from this river.
Kratie is peaceful and charming.
Kratie is peaceful and charming.


Kratie Alive! Suggested Itinerary in Kratie:

The journey will give you a chance to explore the best feature of Kratie in terms of culture, nature and history.
Outstanding activities: stay with native people in their house; join a cruise and watch Irrawaddy freshwater dolphin in Mekong River; drop in on Mekong turtle preservation center and One Hundred Pole Pagoda; watch the harvesting and planting of crops and fruits by season: banana, pumpkin, melon, sesame seed, cucumber, mango and Sweet grapefruit (from May to June), tobacco (from February to April), rice harvesting (from December to January) and rice growing (from July to October) and palm sugar (from December to May); admire the producing process of noodle and contemplate the charming remote area with the making of rice wine. 



Day 1: Phnom Penh – Kratie

Feel the rustic life on Koh Trong Island.You can opt the suitable time that we will come and collect you at the guesthouse or hotel in the capital city heading toward Kratie. To reach this town, we have to travel in 5 hours. Our guide will help you to prepare hot water and fan at your hotel room in Kratie. In case that you have no idea about this town or activities in leisure time, you can ask freely. This day will not have planned activity.
Provided that we reach the city soon, we will take a ferry Koh Trong Island which is across from Kratie or walk to a modern market. We can travel around this island by bike, motor-taxi or on foot. When I was there, there were 2 women waited for travelers at the ferry, which impressed me very much. It is an ideal spot to watch the countryside of this country. We suggest that you should not miss out admiring the sunset from the river bank no matter you come here early or not.

Day 2: Meet Irrawaddy on Mekong River

The 100 pillar pagoda in Kratie.Contemplating dolphins, Mekong river’ eastern bank, Mekong turtles, Phnom Sambok, One Hundred Pole Pagoda and staying at native’s house. You are going to be collected at 8.30AM at the hotel and taken on Ancient National Route 7 through Kampi to leave Kratie. It takes you 9 kilometers to reach Thma Kreae Village which is well-known for Krolan – kind of sticky rice inside a bomboo stick. Close to the village, you can explore Phnom Sambok hill which has a pagoda on the peak. We are going to step up to the top to have an overlook of the fascinating paintings and carvings. It is also the time to admire the charming sceneries around.
The next destination is Kampi that the precious river dolphins inhabit in its deep water. When take a cruise on Mekong River in order to watch this special tender species. This journey will be tranquil and pleased because the boat driver turns off the motor and let the boat floating along the water with the aim of not frighten these mammals. Then we have a chance to enjoy Cambodian food at noon.
Next, we will drop in on One Hundred Pagoda which is also called What Sarsar Mouy Roy reconstructed in the year 1997. Once it was damaged in the period of Khmer Rouge. Nowadays, the pagoda has 116 poles with 3 timber ones from the earliest construction in 1529. These pillars are showed in the pagoda’s back. We keep traveling to Mekong Turtle Preservation Center set up in June 2011. Its aim is to maintain and protect the Mekong Soft Shell Turtle that is in the edge of extinction because of human beings as well as other animals.
After that, we join a cruise on Mekong heading toward Koh Phdao. Before coming to the house of the natives, we have a chance to admire the charming beauty of water buffalo and paddy fields. We can contemplate the sunset from the riverside nearby. We can also learn about the daily life of the Cambodians and others things or watching the gorgeous starry sky. Then we take a rest and hear the peaceful sound. It is time to go to sleep to prepare energy for the next fascinating day. 
Day 3: Reveal the flood forest by boat
Spend 1 day to do active yourself with the flooding forest in Stung Streng.Flood forests, Mekong River’s western side, seasonal crop or fruit, rice wine and noodle produce. 
In the morning, we have a breakfast before join a cruise to explore the Mekong River’s western side. After that, we move to the south, passing several charming sceneries in remote area. We call on Flood Forest and river’s rapids and then enjoy the lunch at Ksach Top. The next activity is contemplating the producing process of traditional Khmer rice noodle and rice wine. You can taste and try to make this kind of drink. We continue to drop in on the farm where native people plant countless vegetables and fruits including banana, papaya, coconut, orange, grapefruit, guava and mango. After that, at about 3.30PM, we come back the boat and return to the hotel.
Day 4: Return to Phnom Penh
Our own car will collect you at the hotel in Kratie based on your chosen time and drive you to Phnom Penh.
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