Kep City - Nearby The Boundary With Vietnam

In Cambodia, Kep City which is municipal with province standing lies nearby the boundary between this country and Vietnam. In the past, it was the most famous seashore city of Cambodia. Recently, it loses this title because of the Khmer revolutionary. A large part of this city is deserted, especially villas of French. However, some of the city’s magnificence still exists.
Tourists can have a chance to admire the beauty of massive monuments and large footways. Long time ago, a palace with the view to Thailand Gulf was constructed but not equipped. Thus, it is unfurnished nowadays. There is a paved high-quality pathway which links this city with Kampot lying 15 kilometers away. Beaches of Koh Thonsay are a little bit darker than those of Sihanoukville with countless black stones and mangroves. It takes about a half hour in a boat trip to reach there.

It seems that this city is on the process of developing because there are a large number of sumptuous and mid-range bungalows or hostels being built or used. Seafood here is abundant, tasty and low-priced, especially crabs. Besides, this city has a huge national park with lush forests on mountains.
In 1908, French colonists set up Kep which is a famous tourist attraction these days for domestic visitors on vacations. Besides, it has not only delicious seafood but also the overlook to the sea and mountain.
It is worth joining a cruise heading to the islands. You are highly recommended to pay a visit to Tuk Chou waterfall. It is a tranquil cascade lying 10 kilometers far from Kampot. Situated in the southwestern Phnom Penh, Kep City can be reached from Phnom Penh via national freeway 2 through Takeo and freeway 3 through Kampot.
Everyone loves Kep by its private space.
Everyone loves Kep by its private space.
In the 1960s – Sang Kum Reas Ni Yum time, Kep was orientated to be a gorgeous resort served well-being people and government on the seashore. It is said that King Sa Kor Reach owned a powerful incantation. At Angkor Thum, he spelled a sleeping one to the leader and took his white horse heading to southwest shore with troops.
He was chased by the army of this leader when he had a break on the shore. He abruptly jumped on the back of the horse, which made it raised the hooves and pranced. Thus, he fell to the ground with the saddle. He tried to jump on in once and run. He had no chance to take the saddle since he was nearly seized. This story tells the explanation for the name of the city. “Kep She” means “saddle”. At present, people call it as Kep.
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