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  • Sihanoukville - a Small Province In The South of Cambodia
    29-10-2017 16:32:02

    Sihanoukville which has the capital having tropical islands and beaches on a peninsula is a small province in the south of Cambodia. It was established in the year 1964. Known as Kampong Saom or Kampong Som also, it is the sole deep water wharf of this country.

  • Siem Reap Which Is Nearest To Angkor
    29-10-2017 15:50:04

    Situated in the northwestern side of Cambodia, Siem Reap is an outstanding tourist attraction which is nearest to Angkor – the well-known temple worldwide located in the northern city. 

  • Kratie - The Sweet Town On The River
    29-10-2017 15:36:43

    Among the provinces in the east of Cambodia, Kratie does not have an enormous number of residents. They earn the livings on Mekong river bank. On the farther side of the bank, there is a secluded area with thick jungle and nearly no one there. It has the same name with its provincial capital which is situated in the same location. They form the province together.

  • Kep City - Nearby The Boundary With Vietnam
    29-10-2017 15:13:04

    In Cambodia, Kep City which is municipal with province standing lies nearby the boundary between this country and Vietnam. In the past, it was the most famous seashore city of Cambodia. Recently, it loses this title because of the Khmer revolutionary. A large part of this city is deserted, especially villas of French. However, some of the city’s magnificence still exists.

  • Kampong Thom - Small Beautiful City in Cambodia
    29-10-2017 14:58:42

    The second biggest province of Cambodia is Kampong Thom which has the capital with the same name. It is a beautiful city lying on Stung Saen River’s bank. It is famous for Prei Kuk and Sambor Temple. Besides, there are some other spots of Angkor.

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